BBR Interview: Jim Walmsley on UTMB and moving to France in a bid to win the race

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Jim Walmsley UTMB attempt to win by moving to the French Alps

Can Jim Walmsley win UTMB? How do you become the first American to win the race? Jim Walmsley is looking to break the curse by switching up his training and moving to the French Alps to gain an edge.

In this eye-opening and often emotional interview from BBR Episode 347, Jody and David speak with ultra runner Jim Walmsley about various aspects of his career and his future plans.

Walmsley talks about the challenges of travelling due to Brexit and the added level of complexity it brings, as well as his past as a football player and how he transitioned to running. He shares insights into the collegiate running system in the US, the differences between trail running and marathon running, and his past experiences with race failures and how they motivated him to improve.

Walmsley also discusses his decision to focus on ultra running over trail running, his race schedule for 2022 and beyond, and his decision to move to France for his training block in the Alps with goal of becoming “Jim Walmsley, UTMB Champion”.

He offers advice on training, and the importance of resilience and shares his thoughts on different race series and his social media handles for those interested in following his journey.

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Podcast summary:
  • Jim discusses the challenges of travel due to Brexit, his experiences and struggles in ultra running and marathon, and his strategy for UTMB
  • He shares his past as a soccer player, the collegiate running system in the US, and the different challenges faced by road runners and trail runners.
  • Jim talks about his experiences with failure in big races, his approach to training, and the shift in his motivations from high school to professional running.
  • He also mentions his race schedule, including the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc (UTMB), and his decision to move to France for a training block in the Alps
  • He shares his thoughts on the importance of mental and physical resilience, the impact of winter training, and his preference for strength-focused training