BBR Interview: Mitchell Hooper on becoming the World’s Strongest Man

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Mitchell Hooper World's Strongest Man

Mitchell Hooper WILL be the next World’s Strongest Man – and Bad Boy Running is calling it NOW.

Of course, the World’s Strongest Man competition is a Christmas classic in the UK – even though the rest of the world knows who the winner is six months before.

In this episode of the Bad Boy Running Interview, Jody and David talk with Mitchell, the strong man phenomenon from this year’s contest, and discover what is needed to take on the challenge of being the strongest human on the planet. 

Episode highlights:

  • Why Mitchell has become a rising star in the world of Strongman competitions
  • How Mitchell unexpectedly won the World’s Strongest Man title despite limited prior experience
  • How he transitioned into Strongman from a background in various sports, including hockey, golf, American football, and long drive competitions
  • Hooper discussed his training and nutrition regimen, emphasising the importance of adaptability in Strongman events
  • The challenges and unpredictability of Strongman events and the potential for the sport to continue evolving

Watch the full interview with Mitchell here:

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