Be our guest

What to expect as a guest on the Bad Boy Running podcast

When you appear on the Bad Boy Running podcast, here’s what you can expect.

The podcast is very different from other running podcasts. For a start, we don’t always talk about running.

Our listeners love it when we explore subjects other podcasts don’t. (When we say “love it”, we don’t know that as they don’t actually get a choice…) We prefer asking the more unusual and unexpected questions that other more serious (i.e. boring) podcasts don’t.

Don’t get us wrong. We’ve got a stack of serious questions up the sleeve of our BBR-branded hoodie… but we try to keep it light, fun and interesting.

If you’re thinking of coming on to hard promote a book, race or other item, be warned that while we’ll discuss this, we’re unlikely to dedicate the whole episode to this. We’re interested in YOU and conversation will revolve around you and not the product or book.

(We’ve interviewed a ton of authors about the contents of their book. But only insofar as the story is interesting to listeners. Basically, what we’re saying is we’re well aware of some shifty pivots).

It’s pretty raw. You can swear, make fun, rant about what annoys you and what doesn’t. Our listeners aren’t PC or overly sensitive. (But we’re vehemently anti-racist, anti-sexist and anti-dickhead).

Here are just some of our previous guests:

  • Laz Lake
  • Camille Herron
  • Dean Karnazes
  • Courtney Dauwalter
  • Liz McColgan
  • John Kelly
  • Mimi Anderson
  • Holly Rush
  • Mike Wardian
  • Lowri Morgan
  • Carla Molinaro
  • Ryan Atkins
  • Tony Matesi
  • Nick Butter
  • Danny Bent
  • Zach Bitter
  • Stephanie Case
  • Elisabet Barnes
  • Dan Lawson
  • Jonathan Albon
  • And, of course, famous photographer James Appleton
  • Chrissie Wellington
  • Matt Fitzgerald
  • Jasmin Parris
  • Justin Hawkins of The Darkness
  • Adharanand Finn
  • Damian Hall
  • Coree Woltering
  • Kevin Webber
  • Greg Whyte
  • Holly Budge
  • Dale Clutterbuck
  • Ben Greenfield
  • Cameron Wurf
  • Jamie McDonald
  • Huw Brassington
  •  Pamela Chapman Markle
  • James Poole
  • Rob Pope
  • Nicky Spinks
  •  Candice Burt

Here's how it works

When you’re invited on, there are a few steps.

First, we’ll arrange a convenient week for you to appear. We always record at 7.30-8pm UK time (unless you’re based somewhere on the other side of the planet, when we’re happy to find a different time).

We’ll send you a calendar invite and link to our software BlueJeans.

Ahead of our call, please send across a suitable image we can use on social media to promote the episode. Warning – if you don’t do this, we’ll end up ripping an image from Google… and we’ve no guarantee whether you’ll like it or not :)

On the allotted day, join the call by clicking on the link in the calendar invite we’ve sent you. You shouldn’t need to install any software, just join as a guest.

We’ll quickly repeat everything to you, check with you what you’re happy to talk about and whether you want to avoid any subjects and away we go.

Interviews typically last between 1 hour to 1.5 hours. If you have a time limit, let us know beforehand and we’ll wind up the call as needed.

As happens so often with guests, we start talking and don’t stop, so we may even feel it’s better to get you back on again for another episode (some of our guests have been on FOUR times! We’re like a podcast SNL!).

Episodes are usually recorded between 4-6 weeks out. When we’re ready to publish, we’ll get in touch with the release date. When it’s published, we’d love to get your episode out to as many people as possible so if you’re able to share on your social channels upon release that would be great.

If you have any other questions about coming on as a guest, please get in touch and we’ll be glad to answer them.