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Want to give us money without getting a dodgy tech T in return? Great! There are two ways you can work with us:

Partner with the podcast through sponsorship

Sponsor individual episodes or take advantage of our sponsorship packages including promotion across all our channels.

Hire us to speak or host your event

Hire us to speak at your event, present your awards ceremony or host your stage or event

Partner with us - sponsorship and advertising

"Since I've started listening to this podcast, I've now booked my first ultra"

If there’s one thing BBR does really well, it’s engaging our audience. There’s a reason we’re often referred to as a cult.

Our fans and followers are super-enthusiastic, open and ready to try, test and break whatever we can put in front of them. This offers a great opportunity for brands who want to partner with us to reach a highly-engaged, smart, motivated audience.

We offer sponsorship packages for individual episodes as well as headline packages across episodes, social and all BBR owned media.

Here are 4 great reasons to partner with us:

#1 We're not douchey #influencers

We genuinely didn’t know how it happened, either. We can’t stand #influencers but it turns out that many in our community will listen to our recommendations, try events and do stuff they wouldn’t otherwise because they listened to the BBR podcast and joined the community. The major difference between us and many influencers is that we actually sell stuff. Get in touch 

#2 We love working with brands who share our commitment to cheekiness

In fact, we only work with brands who share our values. Anything less would be a slap in the face to our listeners (although, admittedly, some do need a slap in the face). Our tone of voice is cheeky, cheerful and not too serious. If you’re not on-board with that, it probably won’t work. If you are, this could be the start of something wonderful.

#3 Our audience is highly engaged and frequently active on social media and online

The Do-Badders stay engaged because we’re fun and don’t take running too seriously, but they also stick with us because we’re open. We have a great relationship with our listeners and that extends past the podcast. They talk to us on Facebook, they chat to us on Twitter and they email us all the time with ideas and suggestions. And – shock, horror – we actually listen.

#4 Oh... and we're proper fun to work with. Seriously.

We guarantee you won’t find a podcast or community that is as much fun to work with as Bad Boy Running. Whether it’s coming up with ideas for your brand, getting the Do-Badders involved or letting us run with it on the ads, you’ll enjoy the experience. 

Want to partner with the best podcast on the planet? Request our media pack

Hire us for speaking or hosting

After more than 250 episodes, we like to think we’re ok-ish at presenting and interviewing. And we’ve got a fair few stories to show for it.

That’s why we’re hired by businesses and brands to present, speak or host events that need a little BBR-style personality injected. 

As well as podcast co-hosts, Jody and David are experienced public speakers, presenters on- and off-camera and interviewers.

From speaking at the Marathon des Sables expo on mental preparation for running across the Sahara to presenting in Sofia about the joy of running in new countries, David blends technical knowledge with his colourful stories. He’s also (allegedly) been voted the UK’s most exciting presenter for three years running (source unavailable).

Jody has presented and spoken at a range of events, drawing on his experience as a running journalist for events for health and fitness bloggers and writers as well as telling the story of Bad Boy Running for corporate audiences.

Both bring the cheekiness and camaraderie of the podcast to any event you’re hosting, whether it’s super-informal or in a corporate setting. 

Here’s what we can do:

Bad Boy Running hosted the Ultra Zone at the National Running Awards 2020

Some of the events we’ve presented and curated:

Ready to let us make your event one to remember? Request our speaker pack.

But we have some rules...

Rule #1 – We only work with brands and products we believe in. That means we test and use the products ourselves before promoting to our audience. You know, like Tim Ferris does.

Rule #2 – We don’t work with brands or businesses who actively promote animal cruelty or slaughter, like meat or leather-based brands. That’s Jody’s veto.

Rule #3 – We don’t work with brands or businesses that compete with Caffeine Bullet. Like anything can compete with that minty, chewy goodness..

Apart from that, we’re willing to work with whoever. Evil oil companies, corporate law firms, KPMG included. We can totally be bought.

If you can sign up for these rules, you're in. Let's chat to get started.

Ready to jump into the best goddamn partnership you've ever invested in? Let's chat.